Instrument Rating

General Requirements:

  1. sin_TTX_int8_view[1]Must be 18 years of age and hold at least a private pilot certificate.
  2. Be able to read speak, and understand the English language.
  3. Obtain at least a current third-class medical certificate.
  4. Pass the FAA written knowledge test as well as the FAA practical flight test.

Flight Requirements:

  1. At least 50 hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command.
  2. Minimum of 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time.
  3. At least 15 hours of instrument flight training from an authorized flight instructor.
  4. One cross-country in an airplane that is performed under IFR conditions.250 NM with 3 approaches and landings and takeoffs.
  5. A total of 10 hours may be in an approved simulator.

NOTE: 15 hours of instrument flight instruction by an authorized instructor is the minimum set by the Federal Aviation Administration.