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Private Pilot License is a great opportunity for you to start a private pilot career!


The easiest FAA license to earn is the recreational or Sport Light Aircraft license


After 10-15 hours of flight training, your multi-engine instructor can sign you off to take the FAA practical test


For a pilot in command of an airplane, the instrument proficiency check must include the procedures and maneuvers for a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and, if required, for the appropriate type rating.


After receiving a CFI license you get a green light to be employed as a flight instructor!


Upon completion of the commercial course, students can work and get paid right away.


To act as the PIC under IFR or in weather conditions less than VFR, you must be instrument current

Finish Up Training

Our Finish-Up Program is one of our most popular training programs. We re-train advanced pilots each month.

Flight Sim

Engineered to be introduced in the first stages of a pilot’s aviation experience, the TouchTrainer FM 210 Flight Simulator provides an immersive dual seat cockpit.

“Ronald and Summer made my birthday surprise amazing. We were fortunate enough to see 3 pids of dolphins was having an amazing flight along the beach. Summer is a very patient teacher. This is is a must do and excellent value for the money.”

Lynn Ufer

If you would like to surprise a friend or family member with a Birthday Flight and memories they will remember click the link below for more info!

Lynn Urfer

“So grateful for the opportunity Island Air Express gave to local students. My daughter received flight simulation training at her middle school through Island Air and the students who scored the best got to take a free introductory flight on a real plane with an Island Air Express instructor. Incredible that they would partner with the school and provide such a unique and valuable learning experience. Bravo for such an awesome way to give to the community! Thank you so much.”

Christina Durta

Discovery Flight Digital Gift Card

Christina Durta

“I was initially referred to Island Air Express to prepare for my biannual flight review process. I have 300+ flight hours as a licensed private pilot yet have taken years off of flying due to professional and family obligations.

The experience has been fully encouraging and professional. All staff are enthusiastic and provide an individual plan to meet all flight student needs and goals.

I highly recommend Island Air Express for any individual flight needs. I am excited to be practicing as a licensed private pilot again and to continue with Island Air Express to acquire my Instrument Rating.”

Audrey Ewing

Finish Up Training
Audrey Ewing

Audrey Ewing

“I’ve been coming to Island Air Express for almost a month now and I am in the process of getting my private pilot license. I am loving my time here at Island Air Express. They have very nice people and they make me feel welcomed. Mike, the ground instructor, helps me learn at my own pace while having fun in the process.”

Lillian Bost

Lillian Bost

Lillian Bost


We encourage students to express how they feel about their experiences and flight training at Island Air Express in Panama City. Here are a few testimonials from our students.

Take your existing flying skills
to the next level!

Island Air Express is an authorized Cessna Pilot Center, so you know exactly what to expect…top notch instructors, a proven curriculum, and an effective training system.
COVID-19 Precautions

At Island Air Express Panama City we are taking the necessary precautions to protect you, your family, and others against Covid-19. We follow the CDC guidelines and enforce wearing a mask at all times in the airplane, inside of public places, and encourage social distancing.

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