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Established in 1994 by Morris Jarmon Sr. (on left) and Ron Jarmon (on right), this father and son duo created Island Air Express. Morris Jarmon Sr. enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1954, and served his country for over 20 years. During this time, Morris was decorated with the Purple Heart for his bravery in the Vietnam War.

Ron Jarmon, a military veteran as well, and a graduate from Embry Riddle University with a degree in Aeronautical Science has over 10,000 logged flight hours. Island Air Express is located in Panama City, Florida and specialize in private flying lessons, accelerated flight and instrument training. Island Air Express provide the following “ACCELERATED FLIGHT” training programs: Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Finish-Up, and Bi-Annuals/Refreshers. “We have experience training people just like you how to fly and We WILL COME TO YOU!” Learn more about Island Air Express by visiting our Flight Training Courses offered.

COVID-19 Precautions

At Island Air Express Panama City we are taking the necessary precautions to protect you, your family, and others against Covid-19. We follow the CDC guidelines and enforce wearing a mask at all times in the airplane, inside of public places, and encourage social distancing.

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