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Flight Simulator

TouchTrainer FM 210

This simulator provides the simulation features required by military and civilian professional aviation academies, flight schools and instructors to teach and evaluate aircraft control techniques in addition to VFR and IFR procedures, aircraft systems, normal and emergency procedures that are the domain of other FlyThisSIm products.

Engineered to the be introduced in the first stages of a pilot’s aviation experience, the TouchTrainer FM 210 Flight simulator provides an immersive dual seat cockpit. It includes pilot/co-pilot intercoms, complete audio simulation, and an on-board instructor’s station. The massive 64 square feet of wrap around visual display will keep your flight school students coming back for more.

Designed to be introduced in the first stages of a pilot’s aviation experience integrating ground school, aircraft control skills, and procedure training immediately from the first instructional session. Use the FM 210 in your curriculum to teach primary and secondary effects of controls; the effect and setting of trim; shallow and steep, climbing and descending turns; torque and P factor; take-off, pattern, approach, and landing procedures; and many more options.